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Printed MusicClarinet Catalog

   BRYMER The Clarinet $29.95
   ELLIOTT The Fun Factory Clarinet Book $7.50
   FERRON The Clarinet Revealed $24.50
   GINGRAS Clarinet Secrets NA
   GUY Embouchure Building for Clarinetists $25.00
   GUY Hand & Finger Development for Clarinetists $25.00
   GUY Intonation Training for Clarinetists $16.50
   GUY Selection, Adjustment and Care of Single Reeds $16.50
   GUY The Daniel Bonade Workbook $25.00
   LAWSON Cambridge Companion to the Clarinet $21.95
   LAWSON Mozart Clarinet Concerto $29.95
   MATHER Interpretation of French Music from 1675 to 1775 $22.50
   MATHER/LASOCKI Free Ornamentation in Woodwind Music (1700-1775) $22.50
   MAZZEO The Irrepressible Musings of a Clarinet Addict $15.00
   ORMAND Single Reed Adjustment Manuel $20.00
   PINO The Clarinet and Clarinet Playing $14.95
   REHFELDT Making and Adjusting Single Reeds $12.50
   REHFELDT New Directions for Clarinet $43.50
   RIDENOUR The Educator's Guide to the Clarinet $49.95
   SMITH Jazz Clarinet $29.95
   WESTON Clarinet Virtuosi of the Past $47.95
   WESTON Clarinet Virtuoso of the Present Not available at this time
   WESTON Clarinettists Companion $12.95
   WESTON More Clarinet Virtuosi of the Past $47.95

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