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Printed MusicClarinet Catalog

   AMY d'un Desastre Obscur (mz sop/cl) $9.95
   ANDRIESSEN Epitaph for Louis Van Tulder (s/t/cl/pa) $10.00 [OS]
   APOSTEL 5 Lieder Op 22 (med vo./fl/cl/bsn)(score only) $14.95
   ARGENTO To be Sung Upon the Water (hi vo/Bb&bs cl.not duet/pa) $22.95
   ARNE When Daisies Pied (sop/cl/pa) $14.95
   BABBITT Two Sonnets (bari /cl/vla/vlc) $32.20
   BACH/Birtwistle Five Chorale Preludes (med vo/A cl/bst hn/bs cl) $19.95
   BAHK Invocation (sop/bs cl/perc) (score) $63.50
   BASART Serenade (sop/fl/cl/pa/tape) $35.00
   BASSETT Pierrot Songs (sop/fl/cl/vln/vlc/pa) (score) $19.80
   BASSETT Time and Beyond (Bari vo/cl/vlc/pa) $30.25
   BENNTON Two Shakespeare Songs (sop/vln/cl/bs cl) $12.00
   BERGSMA Four Songs (med vo/cl/bsn/pa) $9.50
   BERIO Agnus (2 voices/3cl) Score $20.00
   BERIO Agnus (clarinet parts) $19.95
   BIALOSKY A Christmas Hymn (alto/cl/vls/vlc/fing cym) $12.95
   BIALOSKY Three Songs (sop/cl) $17.00
   BLANK Four poems by Emily Dickinson (sop/fl/A cl) $25.00
   BLISS Two Nursery Ryhmes (sop/cl/pa) $10.95
   BLOCH, A. Salmo gioioso (sop/fl/ob/cl/hn/bsn)(sc & pts) $29.95
   BONNET Nachtstrahl (mz/fl/A cl/vln/vlc/pa)(score) $25.75
   BUTLER Three Emily Dickinson Songs (sop/cl/pa) $19.95
   BUTTERWORTH Night Wind (sop/cl/pa) $32.95
   CHERUBINI Ave Maria (sop/cl/pa) $11.95
   COOKE Three Songs of Innocence (sop/A cl/pa) $19.95
   COPLAND As it Fell Upon a Day (sop/fl/cl) $17.50
   CORNELIUS/Emerson Four Christmas Songs (vo/cl/pa) $29.95
   CRUSELL From the Ganges' Beauteous Strands (sop/cl/pa) $19.95
   CUMMING As Dew in April (hi vo/cl/pa) $6.00
   DALLAPICCOLA Goethe Lieder (hi vo/3 cl) $18.00
   DAVIS Though Men Call Us Free (sop/cl/pa) $12.00
   DAVIS Three Poems of William Blake (sop/low cl) $7.00
   GARWOOD, M. Six Japanese Songs (sop/cl/pa) $22.50
   GAVEAUX Aria (Polacca) (sop/cl/pa) $9.00
   GREAVES Three Rustic Poems of John Clare (sop/cl) $13.95
   GRUNDMAN Zoo Illogical (vo/2 fl/3 cl/bsn/tpt/tbn/perc) $8.75
   HEAD The World is Mad (mz sop/cl/pa) $12.95
   HEISS, H. Zum neuen jahr (sop/cl/pa)(score) $9.50
   HEISS, John Songs of Nature (mz sop/fl/cl/vln/vlc/pa) $35.00
   HEKSTER The Snow Man (sop/bs cl/perc) $24.50
   HERMANN Three Songs (sop/cl/pa) $14.50
   HINDEMITH Die junge Magd (alto/fl/cl/stg qt) $11.95
   HOLMES Three Songs (sop/cl/hn) $16.00
   HOVHANESS Saturn (sop/cl/pa) $44.50
   HUGGLER Bittere Nusse (sop/fl/cl/vln/vla/vlc) $21.55
   JACOB Three Songs (sop/cl) Out of Print
   JOHNSON, R.S. Hymn to the Seasons (sop/cl/pa) $24.95
   KALLIWODA Heimathlied (sop/cl/pa) $13.95
   KNUSSEN Hums and Songs of Winnie-the-Pooh (score)(fl/eng hn/cl/perc/vlc/sop) $23.00
   KNUSSEN Rosary (sop/cl/vla/pa)(score) $13.50
   KNUSSEN Trumpets (sop/3 cl) (score) $11.50
   KRETZSCHMAR Herr, mache mich zum Werkzeug dienes Friedens (sop/cl/org) $9.95
   KREUTZER In Yonder Valley (sop/cl/pa) $19.95
   KUPFERMAN Adjustable Tears (sop/cl/bs) $20.00
   KUPFERMAN Conceptual Wheel (sop/cl/pa) $8.50
   KUPFERMAN Mosquito Delight (sop/cl) $18.75
   KUPFERMAN Muckenschwarm (sop/A cl) $10.50
   KUPFERMAN Seed of Innocence (mz sop/cl/vlc) $18.00
   KUPFERMAN Shadows of Jerusalem (mz sop/cl/vlc/pa $25.00
   KUPFERMAN Sixth Sonnet (sop/cl/vlc)(score) $9.50
   KUPFERMAN Three Blake Songs (sop/cl)(score) $8.00
   KUPFERMAN Torchwine (sop/bst hn/pa) $40.00
   LACHNER Frauenliebe und Leben, Op.82 & Lyrisches Intermezzo (Sop.ClPa) $19.95
   LACHNER Two German Songs (sop/cl/pa- also has a 2nd cl part in place of the voice) $22.50
   LAURIDSEN Cuatro Canciones (sop/co/vlc/pa) $40.00
   LEICHTLING Two Proverbs (mz/3 cl) $6.00 [OS]
   LENNON, J.A. Seven Translations (sop/cl/vln/pa) $25.95
   LOHBERG Ausgewahlte Lieder (mz sop/cl/pa) $16.50
   MacDONALD, A. Green Steps in Sunshine (cl/narrator w/tambourine & glass chimes) $10.00
   MACFARREN Two Songs (med hi vo/cl/pa) $12.95
   MAMLOK Die Laterne (sop/fl/cl/vln/vlc/pa) $22.00
   MARSH Another Silly Love Song (sop/cl/pa) $25.95
   MASSENET Intro & Aria "Pleurez!plurez,mes yeux" $16.95
   MASSON Quintette (sop/A cl/vln/vla/pa)(score) $19.15
   MATTHEWS, D The Sleeping Lord (Sop/Fl/Cl/Hp/Stg Qt) (score only) $29.95
   MAYER, Wm. Enter Ariel (med hi vo/cl/pa) $14.95
   MEFANO Que l'Oiseau se Dechire en Sables (sop/A cl/perc) $15.75
   MEYERBEER Hintenlied (hi vo/cl/pa) (CVR) $7.95
   MEYERBEER Hintenlied (hi vo/cl/pa)(RL) $12.80
   MEYERBEER Shepherd's Song (hi vo/cl/pa)(IMC) $11.25
   MOSS Songs of the Earth and Sky (mz sop/cl/vln/pa 4 hds) (special print) $32.50
   MOZART Non piu di Fiori (MR) $16.95
   MOZART Non piu di Fiori (vo/cl/pa)(Bil) $25.45
   MOZART Parto! Ma tu ben mio (sop/cl/pa) $10.00
   ORBAN Szopran-Klarinet Kettos (sop/cl) $8.95
   ORLAND Love and Pity ((sop/cl/vla) $19.50 [OS]
   PANSERON Tyrol, My Fatherland (sop/cl/pa) $10.50
   PARKER Story Hour - Clarinet & Narrator $12.95
   PARWEZ Three Songs of Longing (med vo/cl/pa) $18.50
   POULENC Le bestiare ou Le Cortege d'Orphee (female voice, 2vln/vla/vlc/fl/cl/bssn). $8.95
   PRESSER Five Rural Songs (bari/cl/vlc) $5.00
   REIF Encounters (mz sop/cl) $19.00 [OS]
   RIMSKY-KORSAKOV Song of the Shepherd Lell (mz/cl/pa) Out of Print
   ROREM Ariel (sop/cl/pa) $24.95
   SARGON Patterns in Blue ((vo/cl/pa) $16.95
   SCHROEDER, P. Eight Songs on Poems by Ogden Nash (Baritone/cl/vlc/perc/pa) $15.00
   SCHROEDER, P. Songs of My Affinities (Baritone, cl/vlc/pa) $18.00
   SCHUBERT Romance (die Verschworenen)(CVR) $10.95
   SCHUBERT Romance d'Helene (vo/cl/pa)(Bill) $16.95
   SCHUBERT Salve Regina (sop/cl/pa) $25.50
   SCHUBERT Shepherd on the Rock (sop/cl/pa) (Bill) $19.25
   SCHUBERT Shepherd on the Rock (sop/cl/pa) (BrH) $17.95
   SCHUBERT Shepherd on the Rock (sop/cl/pa) (GS) $4.99
   SCHUBERT Shepherd on the Rock (sop/cl/pa) (IMC) $10.00
   SCHUBERT Shepherd on the Rock (sop/cl/pa) (RL) $12.95
   SCHUBERT Shepherd on the Rock (sop/cl/pa) (StBl) $16.65
   SCHUBERT Shepherd on the Rock (sop/cl/pa)(Bar) $19.95
   SCHUBERT Totus in Corde Lanqueo (sop/cl/pa) $23.95
   SCLATER Four Songs on Texts of Emily Dickinson (Hi voice/Cl) $5.00
   SEIBER, M. Drei Morgensternlieder (Sop & Cl) (Special order)
   SHIFRIN Satires of Circumstance (sop/fl/cl/vln/vlc/bs/pa) $26.70
   Sidorfsky Psalm 67 (Mezzo/Cl) $12.00
   SPAHLINGER 128 Fulfilled Instants (vo/cl/vlc) $28.50
   SPOHR Six German Songs " (IMC) $13.75
   SPOHR Six German Songs (MMP) $10.95
   SPOHR Six German Songs (vo/cl/pa)(Bar) $19.95
   STEFFENS Neue Gleichnisse (sop/fl/cl/vla) $9.90
   STRAVINSKY (set of parts) $12.95
   STRAVINSKY Berceuses du Chat (Mz sop/3 cl) $3.50
   STRAVINSKY Elegy for J.F.K. (bari/3 cl)(score) $12.95
   STRAVINSKY Elegy for J.F.K. (mz sop/3 cl)(score) $17.50
   STRAVINSKY Three Songs from William Shakespear (mz sop/fl/cl/vla) $20.00
   TANN Mother and Son (sop/Eb cl/vln/vla/vlc) $15.95
   TATE Scenes from Tyneside (vo/cl/pa) $19.95
   TIPEI Translation (vo/cl/pa) $18.00
   TIPPETT Vicotria Rules and Autumn Land (vo/A cl/vlc/pa) $11.95
   TUROK Two Songs Op 59 (sop/cl/pa) $21.00
   VAUGHN-WILLIAMS Three Vocalises (sop/cl) $12.95
   VILLA-LOBOS Poema da Cvrianca e sua Mama (vo/fl/cl/vlc) $32.00(Vocal/Pa.Score)$16.95(Parts)
   WAGNER, M Sleep Awake (mz sop/cl/pa)(special print) $44.50
   WEAGNER, M. Sleep Awake (mz sop/cl/pa) (special print order) $44.50
   WEBERN Drei Lieder Op 18 (voice/Eb cl/gtr) $9.95
   WILDGANS Missa Minima (sop/cl/vln/vlc) $26.95
   WOOD Under the Trees (med vo/cl/vla/vlc/pa) $15.00

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