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Printed MusicClarinet Catalog

   POPULAR SONGS of INSPIRATION Bb book $5.95 Pa. acc. $6.95
   Anderson CLARINET STYLINGS (w/pa) $14.95
   Bock SACRED SONGS for INSTRUMENTS (w/pa) $7.95
   Daniel Kelley TWENTY SACRED and SPIRITUAL SOLOS $15.00
   Harris FAITHFUL CLARINETIST (w/pa) $15.95
   Heim SACRED MELODIES for CLARINET (w/pa) $12.95
   Isaac SACRED MUSIC (C/Bb/Eb/Bass) Bb solo pt. $4.50 Duet pt. $4.50 Pa. acc. $6.95
   Johnson SACRED SOLOS for CLARINET (w/pa) $6.95
   Larson INSTRUMENTS in PRAISE (w/pa) $8.95
   McCal INSTRUMENTAL HYMN and GOSPEL FAVORITESl C/Bb/Eb/Bass books $6.95 ea. Pa. acc. $7.95
   McCal-Bock INSTRUMENTAL PRAISE and WORSHIP (w/pa) $8.95
   McCoy SACRED SELECTIONS for INSTRUMENTAL CHOIR C/Bb/Eb/F/Bass books $5.50 Pa. score $5.50 (4 part)
   Pethel HYMNS for the MASTER (w/CD) $12.95 C/Bb/Eb/Bass books $5.95 ea. Pa. acc. $8.50
   Robertson HYMNS at the CROSSROADS (solo/duet or trio)
   Schaeffer HYMNS for ALL (solo/duet or trio) C/Bb/Eb/F/Bass books $5.95 ea. Pa. score $7.95
   Schoen CONTEMPORARY GOSPEL FAVORITES Clarinet bk $5.95 Piano acc. $8.95
   Smith HYMNS & SPIRITUALS (like or mixable duets) $6.95 ea.
   Snell FAVORITE HYMNS (solo/duet or trio) C/Bb/Eb books $8.95 each Pa. acc. $8.95
   Snell FAVORITE HYMNS Book 2 (solo/duet or tior) C/Bb/Eb books $9.95 each Pa. acc. $9.95
   Wiley ALMIGHTY GOD (w/pa) $12.95
   Wiley LIFT HIGH the LORD (w/pa) $12.95
   Wilson SOLOS and DUETS for Bb INSTRUMENTS (w/pa) $16.95

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